Wednesday, May 23, 2012

The Shack

For me, Tommy's has always been one of those places that hides deep within the psyche only to well up about once a year demanding to be remembered. Not at all unlike the pleasant memory of a kiss on a warm spring afternoon or that slight shock of a vivid dream recalled while awake, this mental conjuring, however, concerns cheeseburgers: gigante double cheeseburgers swimming in Tommy's famous chili to be exact. Founded in 1946 at the corner of Beverly and Rampart, the original shack still slings out greasy goodness 24/7.
I moseyed over to the satellite window (used as overflow during busy hours) and ordered the double cheeseburger combo and grabbed a few yellow cascabella peppers (available at every LA burger stand) for good measure. Not much else to say here, just pure yumminess.
 While chowing at the counter, I noticed that today must be 'athletes' day at Tommy's. One fellow (pictured above on the right) seemed perfectly geared up for a long day of bicycle touring, but wait, isn't he tackling a numero uno combo? I could only assume the bulk of his pedaling was already finished when I overheard a young woman (pictured at the window) telling a friend she's stopping at Tommy's before the big softball game. She proceeded over to her car and went to work like a shaky addict. Is Tommy's some kind of sports super food? Are they going to open a shack in London to fuel the summer Olympians? Amazing, I for one can barely move after feasting at Tommy's, but maybe I should come back when I have some serious exercise to take care of: 'Yeah, I've been meaning to hike up Mt. Baldy for awhile now but not before I get me some Tommy's!'

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