Monday, February 15, 2010

Hail To The Chief

What better way to celebrate our founding fathers on President's Day than to hang out at an Indonesian grocery/cafe in bright and calido Palms barrio. Actually, since our current numero uno lived in the Menteng area of Jakarta as a young muchacho; this really isn't as far fetched as it may seem. K and I relished in the added benefit of light traffic (which government festivos often provide) as we quickly flew across the Santa Monica freeway to Simpang Asia. The menu at the cafe here is chock full of delectable choices: traditional rice platos, fried pollo, street style noodles, soups, and daily specials. I opted for the relatively novice nasi rames platter: arroz, curry chicken thigh, tofu tempeh, and beef rendang washed down with sweet jasmine teh. K, who ordered the more interesting dish as usual, went for the exotic nasi bungkus lunch special: steamed rice, Balinese style egg, chicken curry, rendang, spiced papas with chicken gizzard, puffy crisps, and vegetable light curry all bundled up in a hot banana leaf served with sour soup and lumpia semerang. Every now and again I develop a distinct type of food postpartum with eateries after a review on Comida Con Basura. This is certainly not gonna happen with Simpang. Seeing as how it's an easy stop between my workplace by the beach and mi casa downtown, I most definitely look forward to future afternoons of "rollin' down the street eatin' Indo, muchin' on mie tek tek." Sorry Snoop.